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Somaliland Ministry of Water Plans to increase water access in the country by 2021

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland Ministry of Water Resource Development is planning to increase water accessibility in the country from 68% to 78% in the year 2021.

“In line with Somaliland’s National Development 2017-2021, the
Ministry is plans to increase water access of the population from 68%
to 78% in the year 2021” said the Minister of Water Resource
Development of the Republic of Somaliland, Mohamed Musse Dirie,
speaking about the Ministry’s plans in 2020, during the inauguration
of the World Water Day  March 22 2020.

World water day is immigrated on 22 March every year since 1993, after
the UN generally assembly endorsed to celebrate that day in
commemorations of the developments made in the World water
accessibility and develop new plans of the water sector worldwide,

However, most of the African countries below the Sahara, including
Somaliland are struggling water accessibilities for their communities
in general and particularly the countries classified as semi-arid land

The Republic of Somaliland was one of the leading countries in the
world, where water access has been classified in the lowest rate
compare to the other African countries.

Meanwhile, the Republic of Somaliland has been working to improve
water access to it’s citizens, since reverting it’s sovereign in 1991.

From only 29% of improved water access in 1991 today more than 68%
percent of Somaliland population have access to improved water

Unlike Somalia where only 32% have access to improved water

Unlike the developments made in the water access in urban centers, small progress  has been made for the rural population water accessibility, For this reason the government of the Republic of Somaliland is  now engaging to tackle water scarcities in the rural areas.

In the  years of 2018-2020, Somaliland’s Ministry of Water Resource
development has dug more than 20 Dams in the Hawd Platue of Somaliland
and the local people praised the government’s actions of the water

Somaliland pastoralist Muhmmed Qalinle Adan this year, as the recently
built dam just a short walk from his village is now full to the brim
with rainwater.

Finally, Somaliland seems of becoming one of the bests in the
semi-arid land countries to the access of Water of it’s population

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