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Somaliland: MPs amend the electoral law

Hargeisa September 30, 2023 (SD) – The House of Representatives of Somaliland has passed an electoral law amendment concerning the presidential and associations elections.

Representative Abdinasir Qodax, a member of the committee tasked with proposing changes to the electoral law, presented the amended provisions for approval in the House, which were accepted without significant alterations.

“We have made significant changes to the comprehensive electoral law and the national voter registration process, which initially contained 154 articles, and we have added 13 new articles,” stated Representative Qodax.

This marks the first time that a law governing presidential and political associations elections held together is being established, and it introduces the procedures for organizing these elections. The law also grants authority to an election commission and provides a framework for the new electoral system.

The law emerged from discussions held among various stakeholders in Somaliland, including traditional elders, and it will become effective once it is endorsed by the House of Elders (Guurti) and signed by the President.

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