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Somaliland MPs from Eastern and Western regions Oppose the Election Law

Hargeisa (SD) – Lawmakers from the western and eastern regions of Somaliland held a press conference at the Somaliland Parliament House in the capital, Hargeisa, to oppose a law passed by the House of Representatives regarding elections.

The lawmakers dismissed rumors circulating on social media in recent days that they were resigning from their seats.

Lawmaker Abdi Mohamud Jama, a member of the House of Representatives from Awdal Region, expressed his views on the Electoral Law passed on Sunday, calling it a law passed by one community and not applicable to the country’s other communities.

In a statement to the Horn of Africa newspaper, MP Abdi Mohamud Jama also said that the people of Somaliland are a brotherly people and should have equal rights, and he sent a special message to the President.

Speaking about the people of Somaliland, he said, “The people living on the fringes are Somaliland, and they are all brothers. Somalilanders should have equal rights and will not be separated. I urge you not to separate your brothers and sisters.”

“I urge the President of Somaliland not to divide the people,” he said in a message to the president.

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