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Tensions in Mogadishu escalate as Habar-Gidir MPs and elders declare self-defense

Mogadishu (SD) – Tensions were high in Mogadishu last night and today after the former Benadir Regional Police Commander Gen. Sadiq John returned to a residence in Shirkole in Hodan district.

General Sadiq and his military vehicles reportedly forcibly crossed a checkpoint near his other residence on Jayga Road, where in the afternoon, the government deployed heavy forces in an attempt to contain him.

Number of traditional leaders and some Somali lawmakers who support the former commander joined him at his residence at Shirkole district.

Mahad Salad, a lawmaker in Shirkole, said Farmajo and Somali National Security Agency chief Fahad Yassin were raiding Shirkole, and called for Shirkole residents to defend themselves.

The government has deployed troops in and around Shirkole where there is a possibility of clashes between them and the troops loyal to the former Benadir chief of Police.

“Our Habar Gidir MPs are now in Shirkole. Farmajo, Fahad and Bihi are attacking our people. We call on our people to defend themselves against the enemy. We will win, God willing, ”said Mahad Salad.

The situation in Shirkole was tense last night with large-scale protests with residents shouting “We don’t want Farmajo”.

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