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Somaliland: Oldon Has a Respiratory Illness, not COVID-19

Hargeisa (SD) – The Government of Somaliland has today issued a statement on Abdimalik Muse Oldon’s coronavirus test results and overall health condition of the jailed journalist.

Somaliland’s health ministry said it has dispatched a team of doctors to the central prison, where Journalist Oldon is currently incarcerated, checking on his condition and testing him for COVID-19.

The director general of the Ministry of Health Mohamed Abdi Hergeye said that the preliminary results have been assessed at Hargeisa Hospital, and is sent abroad for further testing.

The director also stressed that Oldon is suffering from respiratory disease, but does not have Covid-19, according to the preliminary tests.

Somaliland has previously claimed to have had set up a laboratory for testing COVID-19 in the country, only to have the government admitting today they are still sending tests abroad.

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