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Somaliland: Opposition Parties Resolve Hargeisa Mayoral Candidacy Dispute

Hargeisa (SD) – Said Udhay, a newly elected Councilor who was running for mayor of Hargeisa against Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge, finally withdrew his candidacy following pressure from residents of the capital.

At a recent press conference held at the UCID chairman’s residence in Hargeisa’s Masalaha neighborhood, was attended by nine elected Councilors, including the new deputy mayor candidate of the capital, who is from the UCID party.

UCID Chairman Faisal Ali and Yusuf Kayse Abdillahi, a UCID official who spoke at the event, both welcomed the move in support of Abdikarim Mooge.

“The UCID party, out of respect for the voice of the people, supported Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge in the Hargeisa mayoral seat.” Said Yusuf Kayse.

Adding “The two parties have previously agreed that the Waddani Party will take the Speaker of the House of Representatives while UCID will have its share of the mayors of the country”.

Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge thanked Said Udhay and UCID party for their compromise today.

Mooge is now a shoe in for winning the mayoral post with the majority of the members of the Hargeisa City Council supporting him.

Abdikarim Ahmed Mooge and Khadar Ahmed Omar are to became the two members selected by the opposition parties to run for mayor and deputy in Hargeisa.

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