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Somaliland: Opposition sees MoU with Ethiopia ambiguous

HARGEISA (SD) -The leader of the largest opposition party in Somaliland, Waddani, Hirsi Haji Hassan, criticized the Somaliland and Ethiopia agreement.

He stated that the majority of the public opposes the agreement, emphasizing that the Somaliland government has not provided adequate explanation to the people regarding the terms of the deal.

“The Somaliland-Ethiopia agreement is confusing; we seek recognition, and the priority should be the welfare of the people of Somaliland. The friendship and cooperation between Somaliland and Ethiopia are positive developments, but the public is not properly informed about the agreement, leading to government secrecy,” said Haji.

He also mentioned that the understanding reached does not necessarily mean Ethiopia will officially recognize Somaliland, suggesting that Ethiopia might consider recognition after fulfilling its interests. Hirsi said that the recognition of one country is not enough for Somaliland, and many countries have recognition from several governments but are not yet part of the international community.

Somaliland and Ethiopia recently reached an agreement that involves leasing a 20-kilometer stretch of Somaliland’s coastline to Ethiopia. Ethiopia is expected to recognize Somaliland as a result of this agreement, though this remains to be officially confirmed.

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