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Somaliland: The electoral President refused access to media ay Hargeisa Airport

HARGEISA (SD) – The former President of Somaliland, Dahir Riyale Kahin, was prevented by the government in speaking to the media upon arrival at Hargeisa airport.

The former president, dubbed the county’s electoral father is currently living in France and has returned to the country at a time when the country is in a electoral crises, making the incumbent president nervous.

The Secretary General of the Wadani Party, Khadar Hussein Abdi, condemned the action denying the former President in speaking to the media at Hargeisa Airport.

“Dahir Rayale is the president who laid the foundation for the democratic process in Somaliland. It is unfortunate today that those who took control through that process are prevent him from talking to the press at the Hargeisa airport. said secretary Khadar Hussein Abdi.

Adding “We are very sorry for what happened to President Dahir Rayale this morning, and we condemn it as a party. We call on the government to apologize and take appropriate actions against whoever is responsible to take action.”

President Riyale later spoke to the media at his home in Hargeisa, took the high road and down played the whole ordeal.

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