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Somaliland Opposition vow to hold planned Protests

HARGEISA (SD) – The two opposition parties in Somaliland have today reiterated that they will hold protests against the government of Muse Bihi.

The chairmen of the two opposition parties UCID and Wadani held a press conference in Hargeisa today, accusing the ruling party destabilizing the relatively peaceful enclave.

Wadani party chairman Hirsi Hassan accused the government of interfering in the election commission and pressuring members to resign, and called on opposition supporters to react to the government’s actions, and to stage protests.

“We call on our supporters to respond to the abduction of democracy, elections and the chaos in the country,” said WADDANI Party Chairman Hirsi Ali X Hassan.

UCID Chairman Faisal Ali Warabe, who spoke at the presser, said that the Bihi government could not even be trusted with running the country for the remaining five months.

“I, Hirsi and Irro, will lead the protests let us see who can stop us” said Chairman Faisal Ali Warabe.

Somaliland Interior Minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed told a news conference in his office on Sunday that opposition parties could not hold their planned protest.

Opposition parties in Somaliland have rejected a planned term extension by the country’s president and his alleged interference in the country’s electoral commission.

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