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Somaliland: opposition warns of further violence if elections are delayed

Hargeisa March 12, 2023 (SD) – Ahmed Cumar Haji (Hamarje), the deputy chairman of the Waddani political party, stated that if the presidential election in Somaliland is postponed, the situation in Somaliland will further deteriorate, and could face further insecurity.

Hamarje pointed out that the conflict in Las Anod could spread throughout Somaliland if the election is delayed. “We waiting for the Electoral Commission to hold the presidential elections within the nine months timeline and if there are further delays it is likely to trigger conflicts like the one in Las Anod in other regions,” said Hamarje.

The deputy Chairman also accused the outgoing President Muse Bihi Abdi and the Chairman of the House of Elders, Saleebaan Mahamoud Aadan, of being behind the conflict in Las Anod and ensuring that the elections are not held on time.

He also stated that the Waddani party is ready to participate in both presidential and political organization elections, but it is uncertain whether President Muse Bihi Abdi is ready for elections.

Hamarje has previously been targeted by the Somaliland government and was one of more than 10 politicians who were arrested following a pro-democracy demonstration in Somaliland.

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