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Somaliland parties reiterate their opposition to opening political parties

HARGEISA (SD) – Leaders of Somaliland’s opposition parties UCID and Wadani have strongly opposed the postponement of the Presidential elections and the opening of political parties, which they argue could eliminate hard gained democratic achievements.

Opposition leaders, who for the first time did not attend the May 18 commemoration with President Bihi, have strongly warned that delays could destabilize the country.

Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi Irro, the candidate for the presidency of the National Party, has warned that if the presidential election in Somaliland is delayed, the move could lead to political turmoil.

He said the two opposition parties were ready for the presidential election, and that the dispute would be resolved.

Irro, who suspects the government of being involved in the dispute with the electoral commission, called on the government not to interfere.

The chairman of the Somaliland opposition party UCID, Faisal Ali Warabe, has also strongly opposed the opening of political parties, saying their opening would eliminate existing opposition parties.

Faisal and Irro who both addressed opposition supporters at the May 18 celebration said the opposition would never accept a delay in the presidential elections.

Opposition parties in Somaliland have repeatedly stated their opposition to the government’s plan to hold the party election before the presidential election.

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