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Somaliland: political organizations criticize the opposition

Hargeisa November 15, 2022 (SD) – Somaliland’s recently registered political organizations have today addressed the country’s political and electoral dispute.

Somaliland’s political organizations demanded they be part of any talks regarding the electoral process between the president and the opposition.

The political organizations claimed to have as much legitimacy as the other three national parties, and that we do not accept any political dialogue that they are not a part of.

“We are calling for dialogue on the existing political conflict between the three national parties, the 9 political organizations, the government, and the National Election Commission. At this stage, political organizations have the same rights as the three parties, whose license expires on 26/12/2022, and we do not accept political dialogue that is not an end”. said the political organization.

The political organizations objected to the opposition parties’ insistence on holding the presidential parties by demanding parties’ elections be held first.

They said the opposition’s decision to withdraw their confidence from the president was illegal, adding that the current government will remain in office until another one is elected.

According to the constitution and the country’s electoral law, the first election to be held in the presidential election despite the president’s insistence on holding the political organization elections.

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