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Somaliland Recognition Drive Unifies the Citizens

BURAO (SD) – Civilians of major cities/towns in Somaliland namely Las Anod, Burao, Gabiley and Borama have joined the larger celebrations to endorse the recent debate in the UK Parliament on the recognition of Somaliland.

The gathering was previously held this week in Hargeisa, with honorable attendees including the Vice President, the Hargeisa Mayor, and representatives from the Members of the Parliament.  

The Minister of Interior Affairs, mayors, and police forces have merged in the festivities with the citizens of Lasanood, Burao, and Borama to mark the millstone Somaliland reached as a country.  

The UK Parliament last week disputed the recognition of Somaliland, and the multi-party debate by more than 20 UK lawmakers, on the issue of recognition of Somaliland, and how the UK government should work with Somaliland directly. The debate with the UK Parliament has lasted for more than an hour.

The people of Somaliland were tremendously in favor of the debate presented by Gavin Williamson, a Member of Parliament who proposed a motion to debate in favor of Somaliland’s recognition.

Although Somaliland is not fully recognized by the international community, it is widely acknowledged that Somaliland has made significant progress in terms of security, democracy and stability.

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