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Somaliland rejects Somalia election participation

Hargeisa (SD) – A statement issued by Somaliland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs today rejected any participation of Somalia’s upcoming 2020/2021 elections.

Somaliland has issued a statement warning the Somali government and politicians not to mislead the international community that Somaliland is part of Somalia’s electoral process.

Somaliland has forwarded its objections to the United Nations, the African Union, the European Union and the international community in general.

“Somaliland is an independent state and has nothing to do with the electoral process in Somalia,” the statement said.

Somaliland has called on its citizens to be extra vigilant against alleged political plots by the Somali government.

The recent election agreement reached by Somalia’s Federal and regional leaders in Mogadishu said Somaliland’s representatives in will be elected in Mogadishu.

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