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Somaliland tells Turkey not to operate in it’s waters

HARGEISA (SD) -The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Self-declared Republic of Somaliland, Ise Kayd, who gave an exclusive interview to BBC Somali, stated that Turkey had been informed that they cannot operate in Somaliland’s waters.

The Minister stated this when discussing the defense agreement between Somalia and Turkey.

The minister also said that the implementation of the Red Sea agreement between them and the Ethiopian government is nearing completion.

The controversial agreement signed with the Ethiopian government stipulated that Somaliland would receive full recognition from Ethiopia while the government of Ethiopia would rent a naval base in Somaliland.

The agreement has caused the Federal Government of Somalia to reconsider the diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

Furthermore, nations and international organizations have condemned the incident, issuing statements emphasizing the importance of respecting Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

However, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Somaliland, Dr. Ise Kayd, stated that these allegations are baseless and that they are committed to achieving recognition for Somaliland in every way possible.

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