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Somaliland to Ethiopia: No recognition no Military base

PARIS (SD) -Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland Isse Kayd Mohamud, who is in France, said that Somaliland and Ethiopia are in the process of finalizing the understanding they have reached.

The Minister mentioned that there are two key aspects of the agreement that the public should be aware of, but they hope to finalize the agreement that will benefit the people of Somaliland and not regret it.

He emphasized that the understanding between the two sides is a mutual agreement, but the expert committees of both sides are currently working on the implementation of the agreement, highlighting that many aspects can be subject to change, such as timing and how Ethiopia contributes financially.

The minister added that if Ethiopia does not recognize Somaliland, it will not get 20 km of Somaliland’s sea.

He clarified reports indicating that the meeting between Somaliland and Somalia in Djibouti resulted in Somaliland’s decision to reach an agreement in Addis Ababa, noting that four months before the Djibouti meeting Somaliland laid the groundwork for understanding between Somaliland and Ethiopia, which has been a long process.

The committee responsible for the agreement on the Somaliland side has recently been traveling to coastal areas of Somaliland, where they met with local communities in Berbera, Ceel Sheikh, Borama, Lughaya, and other regions.

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