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Somaliland: Two Christian Preachers Arrested

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland police have arrested two apostates in Hargeisa who allegedly started spreading Christianity in the Islamic country.

Somaliland police spokesman Colonel Faisal Hiis Elmi confirmed to the media the two men arrested last week for spreading Christianity in Somaliland.

“Last week, the police arrested two apostates who had become preachers of Christianity. Anyone who claims to be spreading Christianity here will be arrested,” said Colonel Faisal Hiis Elmi.

The spokesman said that the case of the two suspects is apostate and will be brought to justice. He called on the public to report any suspects to the Somaliland police.

Propagation of Christianity is not an common occurrence in Somali regions as the laws of those prohibits spreading any religion other that Islam.

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