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Somaliland warns Somalia about NOTAM order

HARGEISA (SD)-The Self-declared republic of Somaliland has responded to accusations leveled against it regarding the disruptions of Somalia’s airspace management, accusing the Federal Government of Somalia of “encroaching” on its airspace and “politicizing” critical aviation matters.

Somaliland stated that the Somali Federal Government plans to issue NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) to restrict flights in Somaliland airspace.

The aviation and airport administration of Somaliland indicated that they would devise countermeasures if the federal government proceeds with its NOTAM.

A press release from the federal government’s aviation authority strongly condemned the escalating distributions emanating from Hargeisa, which poses a threat to all aircraft operating in the republic’s airspace.

The press release also noted the involvement of an unnamed foreign government in this matter, presumably referring to Ethiopia.

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