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Somaliland: Woman elected Mayor of Buhoodle

Buhodle (SD) – Councilor Khadija Ahmed Aden, one of the women who ran in the May 31, 2021 District Council elections, was elected mayor of Buhoodle.

Mayor Khadija Ahmed Adan was elected in Widh-widh constituency, were she said Buhodle residents registered as voters and that she plans to go to Buhodle city soon.

“I’m really happy, I can’t express my feelings. There were real challenges, but my community worked well with me, they put in a lot of effort, and they voted to elect me.” She told Horn Cable TV.

“At first, I did not want to run for mayor, but the councillors encouraged and voted for me. ”said Khadija Ahmed Adan, the new mayor of Buhodle.

Also, mayor Khadija Ahmed Adan was asked how she feels about not being elected in the city where she became mayor. “It is true that I was elected in the town of Widh-widh, but the people who elected me and voted for me are the people of Buhodle, they were registered here, and I was campaigning both here and there, so we will go to Buhodle and work for the people of Buhodle, God willing,” said the new mayor of Buhodle, Khadija Ahmed Adan.

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