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Speaker Madoobe appoints a committee to investigate the war in Barawe

Mogadishu June 18, 2023 (SD) -The Speaker of the Somali Parliament, Sheikh Adan Mohamed Nur (Madoobe), has formed a committee to investigate the recent clashes that took place in the city of Barawe.

The committee has been tasked with determining the cause of the recent clashes between the Somali military forces and those of Southwestern State forces, which resulted in casualties, destruction, and displacement.

The Speaker of the Somali Parliament has stated that the committee will thoroughly investigate the incidents that occurred in Barawe.

Some of the lawmakers from the Southwestern State have accused the Somali military forces of launching a surprise attack on the district of Barawe, which is the headquarters of the Southwestern State administration.

They also blamed the federal government and alleged that they are not committed to promoting progress and peace in the city of Barawe.

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