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The Somali government addressed the political tensions with Puntland.

Mogadishu April 10, 2023 (SD) – The Somali government has for the first time spoken about the political conflict between the Puntland State Government and the regional administration of Galmudug, which is a member of the Federal Member States.

Somalia’s Minister of Interior, Ahmed Mohamed Fiqi, has said that he is concerned about the political tension between the Puntland State Government and the Puntland regional administration.

Fiqi expressed his hope for a peaceful resolution to the dispute and emphasized the importance of cooperation and collaboration between the two sides.

“Puntland is an important member of the federal states in the country, and it is the responsibility of the federal government to mediate the political conflict and promote the unity of Somalia,” Fiqi said in an interview with The East African, a Nairobi-based newspaper.

Fiqi highlighted that one of the main issues that need to be addressed in resolving the conflict is the recognition of the completion of the federal constitution and the federal system.

“The Federal Government of Somalia is committed to discussing with Puntland its responsibilities, and we believe that cooperation and coordination are necessary to achieve our national goals,” said Fiqi.

The most important aspect of the conflict between the Federal Government and Puntland is related to the federal constitution and the establishment of a federal system in Somalia.

The recent meeting of the National Reconciliation Committee held in the city of Baidoa has appointed leaders from Galmudug, Hirshabelle, and South West States to resolve the political tensions between the Federal Government and Puntland. However, their efforts have not yet been formally initiated.

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