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SSC-Khatumo leader meets with IGAD leaders

DJIBOUTI (SD) -SSC-Khatumo leader Abdikadir Ahmed Aw-Cali, on an official visit to Djibouti, met with top leaders of the IGAD organization. During the meeting, the leader provided IGAD officials with an overview of the progress, peace, stability, and state-building efforts in the SSC-Khatumo administration.

IGAD leaders discussed with him the possibility of achieving lasting peace in the Horn of Africa based on mutual respect and good neighborliness, and the role IGAD could play in resolving regional issues.

The SSC-Khaatumo leader emphasized that the people and administration are ready to improve public services, contribute to Somalia’s state-building, and coexist peacefully with neighboring regions.

The meeting was attended by cabinet members and senior advisors of the SSC-Khaatumo leader.

This invitation from Djibouti to the SSC-Khatumo leader comes at a time of increasing tensions between the Somaliland administration and Djibouti, following the maritime agreement between Muse Bihi and Abiy Ahmed’s administration.

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