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SSC-Khatumo Take Goojacade base in Las Anod

Las Anod August 26, 2023 (SD) – After intense clashes in the outskirts of the city of Las Anod, the forces of SSC-Khatumo have reportedly pushed out the Somaliland troops from Sool.

Furthermore, the Khatumo forces claimed that three individuals who were part of Somaliland’s military commanders were captured during the conflict, although Somaliland has not yet acknowledged their participation in the battle.

This conflict represents a significant escalation in the ongoing tensions in the city of Las Anod. The SSC forces successfully defended against the advancement of the Somaliland troops for months., but have now taken control of all of Somaliland’s position in Sool including the notorious Goojacade base.

In other news, a recent press release from the Ministry of Defense of Somaliland announced that their troops withdrew from their base in Goojacade in Sool region today.

The Ministry of Defense also said that there are some of their troops have gone missing and have not reached their intended destination, and noted that the army is reorganizing.

In the latest updates received from the frontlines in Sool, it is reported that the Khatumo forces are intensifying their counterattacks against the positions held by the Somaliland forces. The situation is fluid, and it’s expected that further updates will shed light on the evolving conflict dynamics.

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