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SSC Leader: no terrorists in Sool

Lasanod January 31, 2023 (SD) – Chief of SSC regions, Garaad Jaamac Garaad Cali, responded to Somaliland’s outgoing President Muse Biixi and said that there is no terrorism in Sool, blaming the Somaliland military for terrorism.

Garaad Cali said that the people uprising and traditional leaders holding the conference in Lasanod are not terrorists and added that the president’s statement exacerbates the existing problems.

Garaad Cali labeled the Somaliland military as terrorists and claimed that there is no terrorism in the region other than the Somaliland military.

He also called on the world not to support the Somaliland military, citing previous support causing harm to the people of the SSC region.

The outgoing President Biixi, addressing the situation in Sool yesterday, claimed that the killings in Laascaanood and the uprising were carried out by terrorist groups dividing the people.

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