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Suicide bomber targets Milxo in Sanaag Region

Milxo September12,2022 (SD) – A suicide bomber, wearing an explosive laden-jacket blew himself in Milxo, causing death and injuries.  

Reports from Cal-Madoow mountains in Sanaag region, confirmed that a suicide bomber targeted a tea shop, where locals chew Khat.  

Five people reportedly died in the explosion and injuring more, the injured were evacuated to Bossaso Hospitals.  

Puntland Federal State administration hasn’t yet made any public comments regarding the attack

The suicide bombing occurred in a disputed area of ​​Sanaag region which is under Somaliland’s control, but Puntland administration officials said they’ve initiated their investigations. 

Cal-Madoow mountains are known for its gold deposits and in the past couple of years, there has been a major gold rush, with Milxo, the site of explosion is Located in the gold rich area, attracting Al-Shabaab presence.  

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