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Taiwan to deepen ties with Somaliland amid China and Somalia disapproval

Taipei (SD) – Taiwan has double down and reiterated on its satisfaction with the country’s new relationship and cooperation with Somaliland, despite China and Somalia’s disapproval.

Taiwan says it does not value China and Somalia’s efforts against their new diplomatic ties with Somaliland government. which Taiwan sees as an independent country.

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Joanne Ou also said that Taiwan and Somaliland’s efforts will be focused on strengthening their bilateral cooperation and their relationship will be based on a long-term friendship between the two people’s common values such as freedom, democracy, justice and rule of law.

Beijing reportedly continues its efforts to persuade Somaliland not to violate its sovereignty, and not to forge relations with Taiwan, a state that has yet to receive a full recognition.

The Taiwanese government has repeatedly reiterated that it will not comply with China’s pressure antics and will continue to cooperate with like minded countries.

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