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The Legal battle between Somalia and Somaliland dates back 2018 at the UN

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi stated that his government will search legal arbitration from the International Court of Justice in the country’s political conflict with Somalia since 199, when Somaliland nagated on its unity with Somalia and declared independence.

However, according to some research made by the
legal battle of the two sides has started in 2018, in the report
presented by the United Nations Report of the Human Rights Council
Thirty-sixth session (11-29 September 2017), which Somaliland case was
raised by the the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of
Indigenous Peoples.

During the discussion submitted to the third committee of the UN which
deals with human rights, humanitarian affairs and social matters,
Somalia’s ambassador known as Mr. Yusuf to UN stated that his
government will search legal advisory. “Mr. Yusuf (Somalia) said that
his delegation also wished to seek legal counsel on the inclusion of
the presentation by the Independent Expert on the situation of human
rights in Somalia” said the Somalia representative speaking at the
general assembly of the third committee in 2018. (source:

In relation to that, Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi, was also
advised to seek legal expert.

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