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Undemarcated Border Causes deadly conflict between Ethiopia and Sudan

Khartoum (SD) – Sudan’s government has summoned the Ethiopian charge d’Affaires in Khartoum on Sunday in relation to the deadly conflict taken place in Gedarif Province of Sudan, between Sudan’s Army and A militia from the Ethiopian side of the Border.

According in a statement from Sudan’s foreign Ministry, the conflict
was engaged for three days, and some Sudan’s army officials were
killed and others wounded during the clashes between the two sides.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Saturday summoned the Ethiopian
Charge d’Affaires to Khartoum and protested over the incursion of
Ethiopian army supported militias and their assault on the Sudanese citizens inside the Sudanese territories, a matter which led to the martyrdom and wounding of a number of Sudanese officers and members of the Armed Forces and citizens, including children.

The ministry has conveyed to the Ethiopian Charge d’Affaires, Sudan government’s condemnation and rejection of this heinous attack, which came at a time when preparations were taking place in Khartoum to hold the second meeting of the high-level joint committee on the border issues, due to be co-chaired by the Sudanese Minister of the Cabinet Affairs and the
Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded that measures should be taken
to stop such attacks, and warned that the sustainability and progress
of the cooperation between the two countries must be based on mutual
respect for the sovereignty, independence and the right of their peoples to live in safety and peace and to use their natural and economic resources without the encroachment or aggression of any party on the other” Said the statement of the Sudan’s Foreign minister.

But the Ethiopian side has not yet commented the Sudan’s claims.
However, the 725km border between Sudan and Ethiopia was first agreed
by the former European colonizers Britain and Italy in 1908, but was
never demarcated.

This incident is the last of a number of border related clashes in the
last six decades since the independent of Sudan.

Eventhough trails has been made by the late leaders of the two
countries, Meles Zenawi and Haila Deselign of Ethiopia and the former
Sudan’s President Omar Hassan Albashir, but no agreement has been

In the Gederif border areas is rich in farming, attracting Ethiopian
farmers during the Al-Bashir Ere of Sudan, but he turned blind eye of
the expansion of the Ethiopians farmers in the area. But the recent
regime in Sudan restricted that.

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