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The partners expressed concern about the ongoing conflict in and around Lascanood

Washington March 01, 2023 (SD) – Representatives from Qatar, Somalia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the UK, and the US recently held talks in Washington D.C. on the security, governance, development, and counterterrorism efforts in Somalia.

According to a press release issued by the US Department of State, the participating countries emphasized the importance of international cooperation to support Somalia’s security, stabilization, and development, and pledged to continue working together to advance these goals.

They also discussed the ongoing conflict in Somalia, particularly against Al-Shabaab, and agreed on the need to intensify efforts to defeat the terrorist group. The press release stated that the participating countries recognized the urgent need to address the humanitarian situation in Somalia and to provide assistance to those affected by the conflict and drought.

The partners expressed concern about the ongoing conflict in and around Lascanood and called on all parties to adhere to the ceasefire, de-escalate, allow unhindered humanitarian access, and engage in constructive and peaceful dialogue.

The envoys agreed to hold another meeting in Doha, Qatar, within three months to continue discussions and to further strengthen cooperation among the participating countries. The partners agreed to reconvene in Doha, Qatar, within the next three months for ongoing discussions and to take stock of progress.

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