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The Puntland House of Representatives approves the Elections Committee

Garowe September 06, 2023 (SD) – The Speaker of the Puntland House of Representatives, Mr. Abdirashid Yusuf Jibril, along with the 1st Deputy Speaker, Mr. Abdiasis Abdullahi Osman, and the 2nd Deputy Speaker, Mr. Ismail Mohamed Warsame, chaired today’s parliamentary session in the 20th session of the 52nd term of the Puntland House of Representatives.

During today’s session, there were 40 Members of Parliament present. The agenda included the approval of the nominated Puntland Electoral Commission (PEC) members, as outlined in Article 113, Section 1, Article 132, and other relevant provisions of the Puntland State Constitution.

After the members had presented their credentials and histories, a unanimous vote of confidence was given to all 39 nominees, with no objections.

The elected members then provided their oath of office to the Puntland Electoral Commission (PEC) members, whom a judge from the Supreme Court subsequently swore in. The members of the PEC are as follows:

Fu’aad Abshir Ahmed
Ahmed Jama Mohamed
Ahmed Mahmud Omar (KK)
Abdullahi Saeed Ismail (Keytoon)
Mohamed Abshir Garad
Mahmud Sufi Hassan
Abdullahi Mohamed Barre (Caato)
Mrs. Fadumo Saeed Ahmed
Abdinur Mahmud Mohamed Ubbaale

Additionally, on Saturday, September 9th, other members from various political parties in Puntland will officially complete the composition of the Puntland Electoral Commission (PEC) by submitting their nominations, as they had previously requested additional time for submission.

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