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The Somali army says Al-Shabaab spokesman Ali Dheere has died

Mogadishu October 06,2022 (SD) – The Somali military today announced that the Al-Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Ali Dheere, died of injuries he sustained in Hiiraan on the 29th of October.

Ever since the recent heavy fighting in Eel Qooxle under Moqokori district in Hiran region, there are reports that Al-Shabaab spokesman Ali Dheere was injured in the fighting.

“SNA Radio received info that indicates Al-Shabaab spokesperson Ali Dheere passed away last Sunday in Adan Yabal district in central Shabelle region. Ali Dheere has been hospitalized there with serious injuries he sustained in a fight against the Somalia army and the people of Hiraan.” the SNA said in a released statement.

This comes as the federal government has not yet released any official news about the death of Ali Dheere.

A recent statement from the United States said that a high-ranking Al-Shabaab leader, believed to be Abdullahi Nadir was killed in an airstrike. could not independently verify the army’s claim. Also, no other independent media has reported that Ali Dheere is dead.

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