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UPDATE:Somalia confirms 21 new COVID-19 cases

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia ministry of health confirms 21 new cases on Sunday evening after 29 tested positive on COVID-19, bringing the total cases in the country to 164 patients.

Some of Somalia’s federal member states including Hirshabelle and Puntland, have now reported COVID-19 cases, stoking public fears about the pandemic.

on the other hand, the autonomous region of Somaliland also reported one case of COVID19 raising the total number of confirmed cases there to 6 patients, the first two cases found in Somaliland regions on Tuesday, March 2020.

Since February 1st COVID-19 case reported in Somalia, the coronavirus has been spreading faster leading the government to suspend international, national flight as well as public gatherings to hold up in the cause of war against coronavirus.

According to the Ministry of Health, One person recovered and seven others died for the epidemic since the disease was discovered in the country on March 16

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