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Turkish National killed in suicide bomb in Somalia – foreign ministry

ANKARA (SD) – A Turkish national was among those killed a suicide bomb attack on a road construction site along Mogadishu-Afgoye road, Turkish government confirmed.

According to paramedics, the suicide bomb attack at Hawa-Abdi Vicinity just outside Somali capital claimed lives of over five people and more eight others sustained injuries.

In a statement, Turkish foreign ministry said four Turkish nationals were injured in the attack.

‘An attack on a road construction site carried out by a suicide bomber in Somalia has killed one Turkish national and injured four others, the conditions of those injured in the attack are stable and are getting treatment at one of Somalia’s hospital,” the statement reads in part.

The Ministry condemned the attack and pledged solidarity with the Somali government and the people.

“We strongly condemn this nefarious attack, wish a swift recovery for the injured, and stress once again that we stand with the Somali government and people, our friends and brothers,” the ministry said.

The militant group claimed responsibility for the attack saying the attack targeted “white officers” and “apostate soldiers” were killed in the explosion.

In 2019, al-Shabaab suicide bomber had targeted workers at road construction site funded by Qatar in Mogadishu’s ex-control vicinity.

The attack killed over 80 people including two Turkish engineers.

Turkey has help Somalia constructed roads and trained hundreds of Somalia under the process to help the horn of Africa nation bounce back on its feet.

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