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Ukrainians among UN hostages in Somalia

MOGADISHU (SD) -Four Ukrainian individuals are reported to have been aboard a UN aircraft, which, on Wednesday, crash-landed in an area controlled by the al-Shabaab militant group, as stated by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The plane, leased by the United Nations, was conducting a humanitarian mission and encountered a technical problem during the rescue operation in Galmudug’s conflict zone, particularly in the city of Wisil. However, the crew landed in Xiidheere, a region perceived to be an al-Shabaab stronghold.

A spokesperson for Ukraine indicated that the aircraft belonged to a company subcontracted by the United Nations for peacekeeping purposes in the region.

Somalia’s federal government vowed on Thursday to rescue the hostages, but experts say it would be difficult to do so, given the region being a militant stronghold for decades.

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