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UN implements Humanitarian Pause in Gaza

NY (SD)-The United Nations Security Council has, for the first time, approved a resolution calling for a Humanitarian Pause in the Gaza conflict. The resolution was the fifth time the Security Council discussed the situation in Gaza, with the previous four attempts blocked by disagreements over language.

The United States, a staunch supporter of Israel, had previously vetoed resolutions prepared by various countries, including Brazil and Russia, urging a ceasefire. Yesterday’s vote saw the approval of the resolution, which had been prepared by Malta, a current member of the Security Council.

The resolution specifically addressed the situation of children in Gaza and called for immediate humanitarian assistance to the affected population. It also urged a cessation of hostilities for at least an extended period to allow humanitarian aid organizations to reach those in need.

Russia, characterizing the resolution as balanced, emphasized the need for a comprehensive ceasefire. This stance was in contrast to the positions of the United States and the UK, which rejected the resolution. Malta’s resolution garnered significant support, receiving 12 votes in favor.

It is hoped that Israel will respect the resolution, which holds international legal weight. Israel has previously disregarded Security Council resolutions critical of its actions.

This resolution comes amid ongoing conflict, with the most recent ceasefire attempts failing on October 16, when the United States vetoed the proposed resolution. The Gaza conflict has resulted in the deaths of approximately 7,000 people during that time.

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