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UN Security Council briefed on Somalia

NY Feb 23, 2023 (SD) – Yesterday, the United Nations Security Council held a meeting discussing the situation in Somalia. The meeting focused on the security situation in Somalia, especially the ongoing conflict with Al-Shabaab and the recent fighting in the city of Las Anod in the Sool region.

Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia Kiki Gbeho addressed the council, stating that since the last meeting in September of last year, the Federal Government of Somalia has made progress in stabilizing the country and improving the security situation, despite facing many challenges.

Gbeho also discussed the recent fighting in Las Anod, noting that over 185,000 people have been displaced, 89% of whom are women and children. At least 63 people have been killed and over 363 injured. While efforts are being made to address the conflict, the situation remains fragile.

The US Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who also addressed the meeting highlighted the alarming developments in Laascaanood. Thomas-Greenfield particularly emphasized the displacement of civilians due to the fighting and urged for an immediate cessation of hostilities.

Somali Ambassador to the UN, Abukar Baale, also spoke at the meeting and reported on the ongoing conflict in Las Anod. He called on the Somali government to investigate the violence and hold those responsible accountable.

The Executive Director of UN Women, Sima Bahous, who also briefed the Council, spoke about how the ongoing drought is exacerbating gender-based violence. She raised the importance of the 30 percent quota and a new law on sexual violence.

Ms. Bahous noted that women´s political participation and leadership are a prerequisite for more inclusive societies, finding solutions towards lasting peace, and achieving sustainable development.

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