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US Ambassador: Somaliland opted to join Somalia

MINNEAPOLIS (SD) – U.S. Ambassador to Somalia Larry Andre, who was attending Independence Week in Minneapolis, was asked about a recent call from Somaliland to respect its independence from the rest of Somalia.

Ambassador Larry Andre at an event in Minneapolis reiterated US policy towards One Somalia and added that it is up to Somalis to decide whether or not to become two countries.

“Our policy is the same for the last 62  years, which is historic Somalia, in its historic borders ever since former British Somaliland opted to join the former Italian Somaliland and form the country.” Ambassador Andre said.

Somaliland declared independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991, despite making headway in democracy and achieving relative is yet to be recognized.

The Somali government recognizes Somaliland as a regional state within the Somalia.

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