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US Drones target Al Shabaab Meeting

Jamame June 16, 2023 (SD) – Earlier today, US military aircraft conducted airstrikes targeting a militant stronghold in the Jamame district of Lower Jubba region, Somalia, where alleged Al-Shabaab members were reportedly meeting.

According to Somali government sources, the airstrikes were carried out following intelligence provided by international partners. The targeted area, located approximately 14 kilometers from Jamame, was known to be frequented by Al-Shabaab extremists.

“At around 6:15 PM local time, National Army forces, with the support of their international partners, conducted a planned operation targeting a group of Al-Shabaab terrorists in an area 14 kilometers from Jamame district in Lower Jubba region. The operation involving airstrikes resulted in significant damage and casualties inflicted upon the extremist militants,” stated the government’s press release.

Officials from the 43rd Brigade of the Somali National Army confirmed that the airstrikes caused considerable damage and resulted in casualties among the targeted group.

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