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US: Somalia Should Hold Elections Immediately

Washington (SD) – US State Department in a statement said that the United States Government is concerned about the electoral crisis in Somalia.

The statement from the US Secretary of State J. Blinken titled Somali should hold elections immediately, calls on Somalis to come together for the sake of the country.

“The United States is deeply concerned by the electoral impasse in Somalia, which is creating political uncertainty that threatens security, stability, and development in the country. We call on Somalia’s federal and member state leaders to set aside narrow political objectives, uphold their responsibilities to the people of Somalia, and agree to immediately hold transparent and inclusive elections.” Said the statement.

The statement from the US Secretary of State outlined the challenges facing the country and the need for Somalia’s leaders to find political solutions quickly.

“The current impasse undermines progress made to date, delays reforms urgently needed for Somalia to continue on the path to full debt relief, and hinders the fight against terrorism. The United States supports the right of Somali citizens to protest peacefully and firmly opposes the use of violence by any party. We urge Somalia’s leaders to safeguard the country’s future and find agreement to immediately conduct parliamentary and presidential elections.” Said statement.

The statement from the US Secretary of State comes at a time when political tensions in the country is escalating.

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