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Wadani leader Criticizes President Bihi for opposing women’s Quota

Hargeisa (SD) – Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan, the leader of Somaliland’s opposition party Wadani, while addressing a Youth Candidates Campaign Strategy ceremony in Hargeisa strongly criticized Muse Bihi’s government, which he said had failed to fulfill its mandate.

Hirsi strongly criticized the government led by Muse Bihi, which he said had failed to fulfill its mandate, pointing out that the ruling party Kulmiye has 60 MPs in the House of Representatives and they all opposed to the women’s quota.

“I have seen the other day the President talking about women’s quota passionately . The Kulmiye party has 60 MPs in the House of Representatives. We only have 20 MP’s led by Abdikadir Jirde, who advocated for the quota, But Kulmiye rejected it” said Hirsi Haji Hassan.

The president nor his party should never complain about the quota they never would vote for.

Both houses of the Somaliland parliament have recently passed an election law which did not include a women’s quotas.

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