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Waddani Party responds to failed candidate’s allegations

Hargeisa (SD) – Waddani party officials have denied failed candidates accusing the Waddani party of stealing their votes on the May 31st elections in Somaliland.

Some of the failed Waddani candidates who hail from the same constituency in Marodi-jeh region told the media yesterday that their party diverted their votes to other MPs.

The interim leader of the Waddani party, Abdikadir Jirde, said the candidates’ allegations were flawed.

“To say that the party that recruited us stole from us is not possible,” he said.

Jirde said that if they could steal votes, they would have stolen Kulmiye’s votes.

“If we could steal votes, we would steal the votes of our opposing party, Kulmiye,” he said.

The allegations of these candidates came after their constituency failed to produce meaningful representation in the May 31st parliamentary and the local elections.

On the other hand, the chairman of the Somaliland Supreme Court, Adan Haji Ali, said that today they have started hearing 23 cases filed by candidates.

The governor said 25 complaints had been received but two had been dropped.

The chairman said that after the announcement of the official results of the election, the president of Somaliland will convene the house of representatives within 30 days.

The Supreme Court, will hear cases filed by candidates who are dissatisfied with the preliminary results of the elections.

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