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World Bank to Support Somalia’s Drought Victims through Cash Transfers

MOHADISHU (SD) – The World Bank has approved $ 143 million to help vulnerable Somalis overcome the growing drought and food insecurity across the country.

This additional aid to Somalia, will further strengthen the response to the country’s drought, and will ensure continued support for sustainable livelihoods.

“The situation is heartbreaking, and the World Bank is doing all it can within the current programming to protect the most vulnerable at this time of great need,” said Kristina Svensson, World Bank Country Manager for Somalia. “We are leveraging partnerships with humanitarian actors in order to alleviate the situation before we lose more lives and livelihoods,” she added.

The World Bank says the project will address the needs of 20,000 families. and also pointed out that emergency cash will be provided to 338,000 households, and 160,000 households who will also receive funding for the project.

The World Bank is also taking advantage of a number of existing projects to strengthen drought response in Somalia specially through Baxnaano project.

“It is very encouraging to see that the Baxnaano program is capable of adapting rapidly in response to the crisis. As of early June, emergency cash transfers have been delivered to over 243,000 households across the country through the program,” said Afrah Alawi Al-Ahmadi, World Bank Senior Social Protection Specialist.

The number of people dependent on humanitarian assistance is projected to increase by 7.7 million people by 2022, with an estimated 3 million internally displaced people and almost 70% of the population living below the poverty line.

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