God Helps Those Who Help Them Selves

As we are Muslims, we have to be dependent of what our wholly Qu’ran verses says ( The words of Allah), When you are in problem or disaster occurrences, are around a natural catastrophe that causes great damage, may be a sudden accident and loss of lives, we have to beg our almighty ” Allah” ask forgiveness of sins that we made, read a lot of compassionate ( Du’a’). and show sympathy to those affected by the problems that I wrote on the top, be aware attentively with carefulness about the concerns of others, who are sick or may be something else happen to them.

God ( The Almighty Allah) helps those who help them selves. God’s medication of qu’ran is 100% better than human made prescriptions or medicines. follow our Prophet’s Suna ( Mohammad peace be upon him) Do the five times prayers perfectly. If we do that continuously without  interruptions, Allah would safe us from this persisting chronic illness.

Having said words on the above, we all know that, there is a very dangerous and deadly killer disease, which massacred deliberately thousands and thousands around the world called COVID-19, millions of others are isolated or in a quarantine camps. so an than, our Muslim sisters and brothers of Syria, Palestinians, Yemen and Somalia are dying of hunger diseases helplessly at refugees camps either of their countries or neighbouring Lebanon.They all in risk of this brutal Covid-19, they need a lot of medical assistance, medical teams such as voluntary doctors, food, water, clothes, since their country is in civil wars of different factions. Some christian countries are also bombarding with bombs, missiles, brutal shells and so on I.e Russia, America, together with a Muslim countries E.g Turkey.

 In conclusion, as I said at the first top line of this article, our ” Great Allah”  (The Almighty God) Told us in his Qur’an book ” Kitab” All Muslims should support each other in the days of hardship, droughts, disease and difficulties. If the case is that and believe what Allah said in his Al-furqan Religion or Qur’an verses, we have to act now before it gets worse than the current situation and be beside them, share this bad circumstances with them. They are dying in front of us in daily basis, as we watched from International TVs, Radios or other media such as News papers.

In short and for all, these brothers and sisters are disabled by prolonged civil wars, very severe weathers of high winds, hails of poisonous clusters were thrown to them from the sky by fighters of Israel, America and precipitations and extra tropical of seasonal monsoons or cyclones. They are the most vulnerable nationalities of this disease at this current situation of COVID-19. All surrounding countries around them are their enemies, even Arabs is foe to them, forget Israel and her friends of western Nato Alliance, At last I want to thank you for reading of this article.

* N.B A friend In need Is the One Indeed!

By Abdi-Shotaly.

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