Boiling frock attempts to applaud Ethiopian conflicts giving full support Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed!!!

As a nation of having very deep experience of war, especially indiscriminate Airstrikes, Artilleries and other shelling of heavy weaponry that resulted killing for half million innocent Somaliland people.

But Somaliland Republic fear that Tigreans of Ethiopia fell into same trap of tough hostilities and unnecessary conflicts crumble Ethiopian unity and integrity.

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia should find a peaceful solution that remedy the discrepancies of hundred ten million Ethiopians. The prime Minister Abiy Ahmed halts any military response about Tigreans situation- as war deteriorates and puts both Tigrean, Ethiopia and the region into very critical economically, socially and politically.

The boiling Frock gives undivided support to Prime Minister of Ethiopia in order to exchange inferior opportunities of own. But damages, loss of lives and displacements in Tigray province is very painful that Ethiopia needs to have another solution of reconciliation and dialogues ends the current tension and acrimonious fighting against Tigray and Ethiopia.

Any disparity exists could not be forced military muscle or response, it brings continuous guerrilla war and unrest situation even if Tigray military power destroyed or get crippled.

The Airstrike, Artillery bombardments and other shelling scars still remains in Somaliland Republic. Therefore Somaliland warns military action that weakens Ethiopia against Tigray province.

If Ethiopia goes war against its fellow citizens it is clearly that country collapse into provinces and states which is not the option indeed.

Ethiopian unity as one strong Nation is everything for the country and the neighbor currently promoting the peace and stability of the region.

But division of Ethiopia and hasty support of boiling Frock seems to be deep grudges against Tigray fundamental freedom and safety- the boiling Frock only have one agenda of strongly coming back on power. But in such stage of your neighbor caught on fire, needs neutrality and maturity to extinguish the sparks of animosity.

Somaliland Republic is not in the position of pleasing that unnecessary war between brothers of Ethiopia.

But Somaliland calls for laying weapons and negotiate as fellow citizens- without causing huge loss of lives.

Our experience of that displacement, hunger, thirst and killing is the most worst human suffering and loss of the loving ones indeed and animosity divides families and relatives.

The stance of the boiling Frock is clear but a war Ethiopia goes against each other is the end of Ethiopia. Because hostility grew down deep and it will be very difficult to bring people back each other safely and agreeably as well.

Military Action against Tigray Communities definitely divides Ethiopia spiritually, culturally and ethnically. However negotiation and reconciliation could be only solution that keeps this overpopulated Nation.

Somaliland Republic clearly respects Ethiopian sovereignty, dignity and honor in all time and proposes very constructive advices Ethiopia ends that civil war in mutual agreements putting Ethiopia in better off advancement and strength.

But the boiling Frock supports the war and gives a hand Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, letting Tigreans death and displacements.

The boiling Frock only fix eyes on one objective and can not disagree the Ethiopian Prime Minister if he crosses the Red light and commit genocide and war crimes against Tigray province.

Somaliland Republic wants Ethiopia to be successful as one Nation and cease the current heavy fighting in Tigray Province.

Somaliland Republic committed and dedicated to save lives rather than killing or suffering with respect of our traumatized and carnage incidents and experiences that have very strong flashbacks of constant nightmares- a Nation that needs counselling and rehabilitation of war causes experiences.
Somaliland Republic never advise or go war ever, but strengthen and enhance capacity building of peace and better life.

In that case Ethiopia must avoid any sort of conflict that jeopardize Ethiopia and in the Region as well.

The boiling Frock supports Prime Minister for a reason that gives path for his demand currently.

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