As we have mentioned in Part one, Public Financial Management (PFM) is
supposed to improve government accountability and anti-corruption systems, however here in Somaliland the case is different and the PFM office itself is the center of corruption in Somaliland’s ministry of finance.

According to the Institute of Internal auditors of Philippines,” Conflict
of Interest is a situation where the judgment of a trustee, a volunteer, an
officer or an employee relating to certain transaction or decision may be
influenced by any commitment, investment, relationship, obligation, or
involvement – financial or otherwise, direct or indirect. Conflict of
interest exists even if no wrong-doing is committed”

The PFM Coordinator of Somaliland Ministry of finance Hassan Farah is a
lawyer by profession and he is the founding partner of Somlegal, a legal
firm in Hargeisa Somaliland, one of his partners and Somlegal’s Managing
Director is Abdulhakim Mohamed Abdi.

Abdulhakim Mohamed Abdi

Managing Director, LLM





The PFM coordinator awarded a lucrative contract to his partner Abdulhakim Mohamed Abdi at the Somaliland Auditor General’s office as SAI Legal expert. This is a pure form of conflict of interest.

http://slmof.org/vacancies-2(CONSULTING SERVICES – INDIVIDUAL

The coordinator blocked the competent candidates who had both law and
finance qualifications with relevant experience in favour of his partner,
simply to share with him the consultancy fees.

Please follow the upcoming parts.

Concerned Somalilander

Ali Jama

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