My brother and I are against our cousin

The reconciliation between Ahmed Madobe, Hidig and Serar is nothing but a futile effort to save the fortunes of Ogaden in Kismayo. That reconciliation will not resolve the crisis in the governance of Jubaland because of the following reasons:

1) The Federal Somali Government totally refused to accept the sham election held by Madobe and Kenya in Jubaland. Kenyan forces who are profiting from charcoal export and sugar trade from Kismayo port engineered the re-election of their stooge Madobe in order to continue their illegal enterprise and to keep their “yes man” in the seat of government.

2) The illegitimate government of Madobe excluded the locals from participating in their own government. All the cabinet positions in the state are held by Ogaden and Harti invaders from Puntland. This is the root cause of the fierce tribal fighting that is raging now in the outskirts of Kismayo.

3) The Ogaden elite in the Kenyan government who spearheaded the Kenyan invasion of Jubaland in the first place are now trying to save the gains of the clan by uniting feuding Ogaden leaders.

4) The above three men met in Nairobi instead of Mogadishu to patch up their differences and to unite not for interest of Somali people but for the interest of their tribe.

Everyone can see that the emperor has no clothes. The efforts of Madobe, Hidig and Serar to reconcile their differences now is nothing but a Kenyan project to keep their man in power. This project will fail.

BY Allemagan


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