Why SL Military Ruler Fled from his Palace, While Civilian Rulers’ are with Their Communities!!!!

Captain Muse Bihi, the current SL leader, was elected as Ironman( self named) though person for hard times, as he used to be during Somalia/Ethiopia war and then during SNM rebellion against Siyad Barre.

Close colleagues of Muse Bihi, reported that he was so vigilant to skip every battlefield that he would’ve been involved. For example, Muse was the key masterminded that pursued the Western SNM militants, to attack a surprise aggression to Siyad Barre forces same time as Eastern wing did in Burao in 1988.

Today, as King Burmadow, the vivid traditional leader discovered that Muse fled to a village called Dable, which is almost 50 KM from Hargeisa, with complete battalion of military army.

This was because members of his staff came back from UK, and didn’t self isolate as part of local process that all passengers follow, which caused Muse to move to that remote village.

Finally, ordinary people are comparing him to other world leaders, as they stand with their nations during this war and difficult time, and do their jobs better than before. Why is Muse is  hiding at his farm, when he used to talk about his involvement with the civil wars and tribal fighting in the 1980s and 1990’s.

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